dream pt.1

i dreamt of kissing uma thurman.

i remember the dream as clear as a crystal though it happened days, even weeks ago.

i was dancing in the dance floor. the lights were dim. the musics were lively. it was perfect.

she was dancing beside me in a beautiful black dress whilst i was being a fool and kept on slipping from my red skirt.

seeing me like that, she then took my hand and dragged me to the changing room.

i was startled at first but relaxed when i knew that she just wanted to help me with that damn skirt.

so, she took off her own black skirt and offered it to me. i refused it because it meant she has nothing to wear. 

upon seeing my hesitant, she assured me by showing her other dress. it was a purple dress. purple. it was the ugliest purple dress i have ever seen in my dreams. who can wear those?

however i was proven wrong when i saw her with that dress. the ugly dress had turned into the most beautiful. 

she was so gorgeous and so ethereal that it made me silent for a while. just staring at her.

feeling so awestrucked and amazed, i walked closer to her and pecked her lips. i kissed uma thurman in my dream and it was the best thing. 

im such a sucker for kisses and uma thurman and kisses from uma thurman.

p. s. : the amount of the words ‘uma thurman’ and ‘kiss’ are so overwhelming and too much. im sorry.


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